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5 Reasons to Use Digital Signage in The Lobby

Digital signage provides an excellent opportunity to show visitors the features and benefits of your company. Basically, the signs are implemented on professional video wall, which have the ability to consistently and constantly broadcast content.

The traditional way of posting information is too expensive and complicated to update regularly. By switching to digital signage, you can create dynamic and impressive content for visitors, while reducing time and cost.

It does not matter at all what industry your company works in - everything depends on the first impression. With digital signs installed in the lobby you can easily create and manage information on the panels, which will increase brand awareness, inform about additional promotions and benefits when buying, your potential customers.

Why use digital signage in public areas?

1. Digital signage easy to upgrade

Information for visitors, employees or partners should always be relevant, otherwise it loses its value. With digital signage it is very easy. You can display information about an upcoming event, a new product, or help a visitor find a conference room in which an event will take place today - on one video wall.

This is a huge advantage of digital signage - you can easily update information as often as you like. When applying digital signage, you are limited only by your imagination, on how to use panels in a given situation.

2. Digital signage engages the visitor.

Traditional presentation of information cannot compete with the digital version of the visualization. By adapting digital signage to dynamic and interactive content, you can create an environment that attracts potential customers to your company, introduces them to products and services, or interacts with customers at an interactive level. Video pads with digital content bring the wow-effect to public areas and attract the attention of the majority of the audience.

3. Digital signage increases visitor awareness

Digital signage is a great tool to show advanced content about a company in an attractive format. In the public zone, you can show your customers or partners the necessary information before they ask you, for example, your completed projects, new products, additional services or social proof of brand success (reviews, recommendations, certificates, etc.)

In addition, increased awareness of visitors, will facilitate the work of your employees. If you place answers on standard questions of clients or partners on digital panels, you will save staff time to perform monotonous, simple tasks.

When placing marketing events and promotions, due to the wide coverage of visitors - you can increase the company's profits faster than usual.

 4. Digital signage improves internal communications.

The lobby is an ideal place to communicate not only for visitors, but also to convey various information to employees and partners, for example, news, corporate announcements or congratulations. Thanks to digital signage, internal information is much easier to send than sending a pile of notes or emails. At the same time, dynamic content is remembered 3 times better compared with the traditional transfer of information.

5. Digital signage helps business grow

Ultimately, by using digital signage in the lobby or other public areas, you increase company revenues. You can use video pane as one of the promotion channels, or even as an advertising platform, and receive additional profit from it. Regardless of your industry, digital signs help promote your brand, increase its awareness, and this directly depends on the company's profits.

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