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Video Conferencing In The Modern World

The rapid development of scientific and technological progress over the past decades is having an increasing impact on our lives. The amount of information that a person must comprehend, process and pass on to other people is constantly increasing.

A large role in the exchange of information, both between machines and between people, is played by the speed of data exchange. If everything is relatively simple in the environment of machines - we increase the power of processors, the speed of memory and receiving and transmitting channels - we get an increase in the speed of information exchange. So among people a significant role is played by such factors as timeliness of information submission.

A person, unlike machines, has creative abilities, and the need to exchange information may arise absolutely spontaneously. The global development of mobile telephony has provided significant assistance in this. However, as is well known, the human brain absorbs information in the form of visual images much better than only through the sound channel.

To provide communication between people through technical means with the illusion of live face-to-face communication, a number of telecommunication solutions have been developed called videoconferencing.

In a nutshell, video conferencing is a technical tool that allows a person to transmit his voice and image while simultaneously watching and listening to a remote interlocutor in real time.

Video conferencing can be implemented both software and hardware. Software solutions are the most accessible for the average person video conferencing systems that allow you to communicate around the world, simply by installing the application on your device. Hardware solutions already require some financial investment, but they have more functionality. For example, personal video conferencing systems allow one person to work comfortably in front of a device with a monitor and high-quality camera, getting a clear image and excellent sound. Group systems Designed to participate in a videoconference of up to several dozen people on each side of the space bridge, thanks to large monitors and cameras capable of covering the entire conference room.

However, if we ignore the description of the specific technical capabilities of various video conferencing systems, let us highlight the key advantages of these telecommunications facilities in general.

The advantages of video conferencing

  • Communicating with a remote interlocutor with the effect of the presence of all people in the same room
  • Improving the quality of communication, thanks to the opportunity to see the face and gestures of the interlocutor
  • Operational consultation of remote colleagues and employees without the need for everyone to come to one place
  • Wide opportunities in distance education and telemedicine
  • Production meetings and negotiations with remote offices and branches
  • Just chatting with family and friends in face-to-face mode, regardless of distance

As practice shows, video conferencing more and more penetrates into all spheres of human activity, destroying the boundaries of space and time.

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