IoT and Automation

A safe and secure environment for your loved ones is just in your hand.

IoT @ Home / Building Automation

Automate your home and convert in to a Smart-Home using our IoT solutions that can control anything from your room temperature to door locks. Futuristic, efficient yet cost effective solution delivered through your mobile – control on the go. Monitor Energy Consumption and analyse the usage through the reports generated. Connect people, process and system and create One-Infrastructure through our IoT solution. Control all the media devices effortlessly and enjoy a theatrical experience at home.

IoT @ Factory / Building Management System

Auto Track and monitor Metering reading. Check consumption data and identify theft, breakdown, leak or suspicious consumption. Monitor and Automate most of the complex process involved in manufacturing and benefit from the ease of operation. Facility Management, Product Flow Monitoring, Inventory Management, Plant Safety and Security. Conserve energy, eliminate machine downtime, reduce costs and increase optimal efficiency. Industrial Automation is now made easier with IoT – enabled devices at critical places and processes.

IoT @ Boardroom

Use the power of Internet and connect the devices, sensors, panels, cloud computing, machines, resources to manage with ease and effectiveness. With meetings happening from more than one place and over virtual world, stay connected and collaborated with our IoT solution. Allow meeting room access only for the invited participants, schedule and book conference rooms, improve productivity by managing resources and their schedules.

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