IoT and Cloud tools to build your business

The IoT is beginning to merge with our physical world. By merging the two, we can create deployable and user-ready applications that deliver insights or solve problems.

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IoT for Smart Manufacturing

In today’s fast-paced global manufacturing environments, inefficiencies like downtime and spoiled resources can stifle productivity. Smart Factory integrators look to Nexgen for resourceful sensor data collection that helps identify machine fail points as well as energy savings through IIoT applications such analytics with visualization tools from the cloud!

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Asset Monitoring, Maintenance, and Optimization

Volume, Pressure, Temp, Humidity, and Air Quality Sensor Monitoring and Analytics

Industrial Automation

Trigger Events and Alerts Based on Real-Time Information

Energy Management

Voltage, Temperature, Fans, and Pumps Sensor Monitoring and Analytics

Supply Chain Optimization

RFID tracking and Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

IoT for Healthcare

Nexgen IoT platform gives system integrators the ability to create a real-time picture of healthcare systems for their end customers, so they can respond faster and better allocate resources. Our partners are using Nexgen's solutions in order improve quality care around globe:

One example is that pharmacy companies have increased efficiency by 45% because these pictures let them monitor inventory levels more closely while also saving time on transport between stores

Cold Chain Monitoring

Ensuring the quality of vital vaccines and medications through IoT-powered tracking and analysis.

Supply Chain Success

Optimizing logistics of oxygen supply for hospitals to streamline allocation and improve availability.

Emergency Transport

Improving emergency response time through IoT-connected ambulances.

Custom White-label Branding

With Nexgen, you can get your data in a format that is perfect for using with decision support software.

You will have more control over the information and how it’s delivered to users because they are given their personal preferences based on what best suits them. Masking our own branding makes this possible!

With customization options, you can create a custom user login portal that is uniquely yours. URLs and dashboard colors are also available for use in your application's design- which means it will stand out from the rest!

You're not limited to fonts either - we've got logos too if branding needs some sprucing up before launch day or after debut on market place