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We are a dynamic and proactive company with extensive knowledge and experience in providing customized tally solutions in chennai with a focus on the integration of services to meet the needs of our customers in chennai. We make your business more efficient and competitive through our tally customization solutions and services specialized. We create suitable module you in the functional areas of your company to achieve your goals through our professional services. We advise you in the functional areas of your company to achieve your goals through our professional tally support.




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We understand that for you, growing your business is the most important thing. We do customize tally in a manner which easily fits into your business, adapts to your way of working and takes over all the complications to do with numbers of your business while you can focus on business growth.

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  • To fulfill legal requirements - records as per standards and practices
  • To pay taxes to various bodies - statutory needs
  • Keep the business running - manage receivables & payables, cash, bank...
  • Keep a watch on the pulse of the organisation - key performance indicators
  • Respond to queries - to locate the right transaction immediately
  • Tally has been perfecting this 'simple' recording - accounting - for over twenty years. All this to deliver better, faster and more flexible ways to fulfill your needs, not just maintain books of accounts. A few examples will illustrate:
  • With the entry of a voucher (this is what we call all accounting transactions) all books of accounts, all reports, all totals & sub-totals are updated instantly. There is nothing more that needs to be done - whether you are inserting a forgotten entry, or correcting one
  • Taxation requirements of all the states of India are available, in the prescribed formats
  • Supporting tasks like reminder letters, delayed interest, ageing, bank reconciliation
  • One single dashboard to look at all important business ratios
  • Drill down from any report, even the Balance Sheet, right to any voucher or filter and search
  • Data entry in the language of the users choice - and report in any other language (from the languages supported)
  • Mark vouchers that are draft as 'optional' and convert these to final- with one button click

  • If you want to alter or set the statutory details. Like which tax is applicable and what are the tax rates, then you should go to “Features” by pressing F11 button and then select “Statutory & Taxation” if takes you directly into accounting features screen then press F3.
  • If you want to view the statutory reports. Like you want to update GSTIN number of your suppliers or you want to fill GSTR-1 form, then you should go to “Gateway of Tally” which is the main screen. Then go to “Display” , then select “Statutory report”.

  • If you are operating multiple businesses, you can create several companies in Tally.ERP 9 software at single cost.

  • Tally is mostly used software in India
  • Tally is made Keeping in view the requirements of Indian business and the regulatory regime, Tally has been specially designed for the Indian market.
  • Tally ERP 9 is a product of development of Tally Accounting Software in India for two decades, and thus Tally ERP 9 is suited for Indian business needs.
  • Tally is from ERP 9 Tally Solutions, an accounting software company with a global footprint.Tally ERP 9 has a powerhouse of features and capabilities.
  • Tally ERP 9 can be used to manage accounting information of small or large businesses in any industry - any type of business model.
  • Tally ERP 9 is custom made by the accounting software company, which has two decades of experience in the Indian market in the Indian market.
  • Therefore, Tally ERP 9 is consistent with all Indian tax codes and can be used by most businesses in India without any reduction Tally ERP 9 is powerful and feature rich. However, Tally is on userfriendliness.
  • Maintaining and accessing accounting information from Tally ERP 9 is a breeze for trained and experienced people on accounting-savvy software. Whereas, Tally ERP 9 can be a nightmare for those people who are not trained or accustomed to software.
  • Therefore, Tally ERP 9 is only suitable for business with dedicated accounting professionals. Entrepreneurs with Tally Experience will find it difficult to understand and understand the reports or data generated by accounting information or tally.

  • To create company in Tally.ERP 9 follow the process given below
  • go to Gateway of Tally >Create Company.
  • Specify Company Name and other related details,
  • Once you create a company, create another new company, and follow the same
  • Go to Gateway of Tally-> Alt +F3 (Company Info.) and specify the details as explained
  • To create Group Company Go to Gateway of Tally-> Company Info. (Alt+ F3)-> Create Group Company

After downloading, there are essentially three steps:

1. Installing Tally.ERP 9 on the Server

2. Activate the promo rental license

3. Configuring clients (workstations) to work on Tally.ERP 9

1. Installing Tally.ERP 9 on the Server

Step 1: Double click on the Install.exe to execute the installer.

Step 2: Click the button "Next" to continue the Installation.

Step 3: In Tally.ERP 9 Setup screen, in the field that reads "application directory", you can specify where you would like to have Tally.ERP 9 application files. By default, Tally will select C drive; if you want to change from C drive to D, you can do so. Once you specify the Tally.ERP 9 folder path, click "Next".

Step 4: Click on "Install".

Step 5: You will get the message "Tally.ERP 9 Installed Successfully". Click the button "Continue" to install "license Server".

Note: License Server is used for ensuring that workstations connected in the network are able to work on Tally.ERP 9.

Step 6: For installing License server ensure that "License Server" radio button is selected and click the button "Next" and Install.

You will get the message, Tally License server 4.0 Installed successfully. You can click on Finish to close the Wizard.

2. Activation of License

Step 1: Start Tally.ERP 9 -> Click on Activate License.

Step 2: Click on Activation of Promotional rental license.

a) Click on activation in single user mode if you are deploying this on a desktop.

b) if you want to deploy a multi-user, please select "Option (1) Install and Start License Server in this system".

Step 3: Enter the promotional code provided to you as in the screen below

(Eg: abcdef@tallysolutions.com) and then enter your email ID and press ENTER.

Step 4: You will get the below screen and then press ENTER.

Step 5: Click on Unlock license.

Step 6: Check your mailbox you will receive the Unlock key.

Type or copy and paste (Ctrl+Alt+V) the Unlock Key and then press ENTER, and get started with

Tally.ERP 9.

Press Enter button and you will get the message "Congratulation, Tally.ERP 9 Activated Successfully".

3. Configuring the workstations to work on Tally.ERP 9

Step 1: One can either copy the downloaded Tally.ERP 9 installer (Setup.exe) or map the folder on the server where the Setup.exe is located.

Double click on the Install.exe to execute the installer file.

Step 2: Click "Next" to continue the Installation.


Step 3: Click on the radio button on the label that reads as "Use License Server". Here you need to specify your Server name or server IP address and click on "Next".

Note: By default Port number will be 9999. You have the flexibility of changing the port number from

9999 to 65000.

Step 4: Click on "Install".

Step 5: Click on Finish. Now you are all set to start using Tally.ERP 9. Repeat the same step on other workstations from which you would like to use Tally.ERP 9.

  • Single User Tally.ERP 9 is only for Single User means at a time we can install Tally in only a single computer, single user Tally.ERP 9 is also called as “Silver Edition” Multi User Tally.ERP 9, as name suggest it is for Multi User, means at a time we can connect up to 10 Computer.

  • Tally ERP 9 Release 6.5.4, you can get GST Returns in JSON Format to upload it in GST Website

  • You can use 3 voucher type in tally for Bank transaction.
  • Payment - To make payment entry. Dr the Exp Cr the Bank
  • Receipt - To make receipt entry. Dr the Bank Cr the Party
  • Contra - Use for only cash transaction. Dr/CR Bank/Cash before make the entry you have to create each transaction ledger then make entry. (Display-AccountLedger) Create Ledger.

  • Cost wise its Tally ERP is the Best Software

  • To understand the difference between basic and advance Tally.ERP9, we first need to understand what is Tally.ERP9 and what it is capable of.
  • Tally.ERP9 comprises of many features relevant to accounts management, like inventory management, interest calculation, Advanced Banking Features like, cheque management, deposit slips, auto bank reconciliation, statutory compliances like Vat, Tds, Service Tax, Excise Dealer, Excise Manufacturing, Payroll compliances like Pf, Esic, pt & salary tds, also Gst for several countries where it is applicable and many other features.
  • if you go for Basics in Tally then usually you would be taught the basic masters creation and a few voucher entries to understand the basic flow of accounts and inventory management on Tally.ERP9.
  • Whereas if you take Advance, then the teacher should not only show you how Tally.Erp9 can simplify a hell lot of day to day jobs, But also relevant statutory compliances including filing of various statutory returns from Tally.ERP9.

  • Balance Sheet indicates your assets and liabilities. In simple terms, it shows various sources of funds(Liabilities) and utilisation of those funds(Assets)
  • Just to give you a simple example, if you start a business with your own capital of Rs.100/- and a loan of Rs.100/-. So you have total amount of Rs.200/-. Now out of this you buy a machinery whose cost is Rs.50/-. You also buy a computer of Rs.50/-. You buy furniture of Rs.25/-. So cash of Rs.75/- should still be their with you since you have utilised only Rs.125/-
  • So through two sources, your business has got Rs.200/-. These sources appear on liability side as for business Rs.200/- is liability which needs to be repaid at some time in future. So your liabilities are Rs 200/-.
  • Out of Rs.200/- you have purchased 3 assets totalling Rs.125/- and balance amount of Rs.75/- is with you in form of cash which is also an asset.
  • Since you have started with fund of Rs.200/- , total of 3 assets and cash also has to be Rs.200/-. Total fund from various sources (Capital plus Loan) has to match with total application of funds (3 assets plus cash). If these two totals dont match it means there is some error that has happened somewhere in recording of transactions

  • Download Excel template from - www.xltally.in
  • Enable ODBC port in Tally application.
  • Open one Tally application.
  • OOpen only one company.
  • In XLTOOL software fillup the data in Voucher / Master template.
  • Open MY MENU by F1 Key.
  • click START button.
  • Data will be imported in Tally.

  • Tally software doesn’t work on iPad directly but you can run it through mobile apps like FloBiz Tally on mobile app. Mobile apps like FloBiz can help you view all your tally data in your mobile phone. The app helps you with many features such as:
  • Sending friendly payment reminders on WhatsApp
  • Managing to check multiple company’s data
  • Track your expenses
  • Get detailed GST invoices
  • Automatic data backup

  • No Idea

  • When we receive amount in Cash/Bank or through any other methods into our bank account or in Hand we record this transaction in a Receipt Voucher.
  • When we receive amount in Cash/Bank or through any other methods into our bank account or in Hand we record this transaction in a Receipt Voucher.
  • and When we pay amount in cash or any other manner to others we record these type of transaction in Payment Voucher.
  • Eg. Dr. to whom we make the payment & Cr. Bank/Cash/Other source from where we paid the amount.
  • Shortcut for Payment Voucher is F5 and for Receipt Voucher is F6.

  • Well, let me tell you the limitation before you download Tally for free. Because what is the point in downloading Tally for free, if you are not able to use it. You cannot enter transaction on every date of the month in Tally Educational Version

  • One can set GST rates at
  • Company level (all the items and groups created under the company will by default have this tax rate and HSN details set automatically)
  • Stock group level (if you set tax details at This level it'll override the one set at Group level).
  • Stock Item Level (assuming that the item is not grouped, it'll override tax rate set at company level, if it is grouped with tax details set at group level, it'll override tax rates set at group level)
  • Stock Item Level (assuming that the item is not grouped, it'll override tax rate set at company level, if it is grouped with tax details set at group level, it'll override tax rates set at group level)
  • At voucher level, user may override all the above and override tax details set at all of the above levels. Note that you can not set hsn details at this stage.
  • At voucher level, user may override all the above and override tax details set at all of the above levels. Note that you can not set hsn details at this stage.

  • Basically main purpose of tally is maintain accouting activities in simple way .
  • Advantages of tally :
  • there are many advantages of tally :
  • tally is simple and user frendly software
  • Creating company in tally is very easy .within a five mintutes user can create new company in tally
  • user can use data of many companies in tally software
  • Tally offer free software with Educational mode
  • After passing Voucher Entry tally automatically generate various reports like Profit and loss , balance sheet , stock summary, etc.
  • many shortcut keys available in Tally software
  • this advantages for new users of tally for understanding the use of tally
  • Now Some Adantages for Tally experianced users
  • Tally Alow user to backup and restore data .
  • Remote access
  • Advanced security control feature in tally
  • Auto bank reconciiation in tally
  • Ewaybill generate from tally
  • maintain Gst , TDS , Incometax and other Statutory Reports in tally
  • Payroll system in tally
  • Inventory mamagement
  • Manufacturning Work in tally
  • godown management in tally
  • Purchase order ,sale order management
  • Cheque printing from tally
  • Export import featurs

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Tally
  • Advantages • Enables effortlessness data Movements • Less expenses on data collection and data transfer of files • Fast data files transaction • Human errors is eliminated on the data • To get easy and fast documents accesses • Promotes business development activities
  • • For better sales promotion’s • Industry specific software sides • Web enabled services • Easy to use and handle
  • Enables effortlessness data Movements • The main benefit of accounting software is when the data is entered through the Application; it is updated throughout the Programs. For example: If a person makes some entries in stock, the data has been updated at every department level and in every management. The employers can view the updated data files at their software terminal. No need to move the data file from one department to other. Everything happens automatically at the main server or at the main database, as the information has been automatically updated.
  • Less expenses on data collection and data transfer of files • The data of inventory and accounting is required at almost every business unit be it a small business or a corporate businesses, and accounting software helps you to save money and time consuming also spend on maintenance of paper files and accounting data.
  • Fast data files transaction • The manual process of accounting and spend more time on calculations is prevented through accounting software.
  • Human errors is eliminated on the data • The software does its job on time without error and the company officials get time to concentrate on core business activities. If a company gets exact file information and exact figure on time all activities, it can make fore cast for further processes and make strategies documents to improve the business. The time spent on handling accounting books and resources is reduced and non mistakable of errors.
  • To get easy and fast documents accesses • Each and every data entry gets updated in the software and you can make easy way of getting reports of every week, month, quarter or year in minutes.
  • Promotes business development activities • Around Business areas improved through accounting software’s for sales, inventory management, merchant accounts, budget, asset management, taxation and payroll. Some accounting software, providing legal services and important dates files are flashed to remind of the priorities in a minute.
  • For better sales promotion’s • Accounting software not only benefits for the business owners, but the employees and customers are also benefited from the features. The process of monetary transaction speeds up on the use of a software and customer are satisfied to get quick services and getting more value on the services.
  • ndustry specific software sides • There are many of industries specific accounting software, designed for manufacturing or construction sector, etc.
  • Web enabled services • Web enabled accounting software can be used if the company has branches at many geographical locations, in that time it reduce the time consuming problems.
  • Easy to use and handle • You can conduct every day business transactions through your accounting software and you may even make payment online through the software to your clients or you can receive payment through online transaction.
  • isadvantages • Not User-Friendly • Single window software • No Useful Upgrades • Is not ideal for Multi-branch • Not Flexible • No Central Support • Low Security • No Customization • Risk of Data Loss and intrusion
  • Not User-Friendly • Tally fails to be an user friendly software. It does not help you use it with ease. It is of course a simple software but not everyone can grasp the knowledge of accounting soon after installing. Hence it fails to guide its users in a simple way on how to use it when you do not know have much knowledge about accounting.
  • Single window software • It does not allow to open the same transaction screen from multiple computers. Therefore it becomes time consuming unlike other software that allows you to work on more than one ledger at a time. Tally allows only one ledger at a time which makes it difficult for the user to view other things in it at once.
  • No Useful Upgrades • They have brought out new versions of Tally but the improvement has been bare minimum. There was Tally 4.5 and till Tally 9 ERP but the difference is hardly noticeable. And in case you have got yourself the old Tally then you cannot improve it with new features that the latest version has, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of this software. You are stuck with one kind of tally as the developers does not care to check on the old existing Tally that are still being used. However they have now made it possible to move from 7.2 to 9 and it is a good start.
  • Is not ideal for Multi-branch • In case you have multiple branches, Tally becomes way too expensive to run. You will have to invest in Servers and LAN bundled with Tally.net. Further more the sync is not real-time. It needs manual sync and the data is not updated if the accountant is not available in any of the branches to sync manually.
  • Not Flexible • The default setting button is not provided. In case you want to change the setting after the configuration settings are done. You have to restart and delete all the ledgers and start again from the beginning. Once you have created the journal voucher it is not possible to make changes in it. In Tally ERP once you have set the level of the items in the inventory you cannot set the level once again after the reorder. This makes it very rigid and difficult to use.
  • No Central Support • The support system of this software is still lagging behind and that makes it difficult for the users to find support when there is any issue with the software. It makes the users find even more difficult in operating it as there are no good supports from the other side to help them out with the training on how to use it.
  • Low Security • You have to be very careful with the password as well. Once you lose or forget the user password the retrieving of data is very difficult and quite time consuming. Also there is a alarming possibility of losing the data in case of a virus or hard disk crash.
  • No Customization • Customization is very limited. When they customize their product for you, you do not get the complete package and it makes it even more difficult for you to work with as you pay the price but then you have to settle for minimum.
  • Bad Integration of Invoicing Modules • Tally does not have any modules that you can call as an extra feature that results automatically when using a feature that already exists independently. So it does not provide account payable, receivable, etc; unlike quickbook and other software.
  • Risk of Data Loss and intrusion • As it is an offline software therefore it has no backup in case your system crash or some mishap takes place. Therefore you have to separately back up your data which gives birth to extra work.

  • There are 3 type of account in tally :
  • Real accounts. Personal accounts. Nominal accounts

  • Tally.ERP9 is the basic software which comes in two variants I.e. either single user or multi user
  • A single user may be installed on multiple machines on a LAN network but can be used only on any one single machine at a time, the license resides on the one machine that you wish to make the server which will issue both license and data to any one of the other machines subject to it is not being used on any other machine, apart from this you may give remote access rights to 1 remote user only
  • Where as in case of multi user all the machines on the LAN network will simultaneously get both license and data access, in case of remote access you may give 10 such remote users to access data remotely
  • Tally.SERVER 9 does not give any such access rights, it plays it's role as an backbone support to an multi user LAN environment, it should be taken after considering various facts about the environment. Due to large number of entries or other Hardware and Networking factors it may so happen that the local users may start feeling that the software is working slow in such a case Tally.SERVER9 can boost up the speed of basic software. Ideally Tally.ERP9 works on first come first serve basis and maintains a que of requests. i.e. the user who has first requested will get first response
  • Tally.SERVER9 can boost up by removing this obstacle of the que management and give concurrent data access to the data to all the users. Due to which a user starts feeling that the work is more smooth.
  • The environment that you've explained about having 10 local users & 10 branches. I would suggest you to first buy a multi user which will give you multiple users locally and 10 remote users cost will be 54,000.00 INR for an Indian edition. You should note that though it gives 10 remote access user rights the said remote users may feel that the working is slow at there end in which case you may/will have to buy single user licenses for each such branch, and set up synchronisation between H.O. and branches which will smoothen the process additional cost would be 18,000 INR per single user Indian license. After all this setups if the local users start feeling that the speed of work is slow than you may go for Tally.SERVER9 the cost of which currently is 2,70,000.00 plus taxes for Indian license