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A thin client is a solution with which you can reduce the cost of purchasing powerful office equipment, as well as the time to install and maintain it. The terminal (client) takes up much less space on the desktop, providing high performance.

Clients are installed on the office desk, and then connected to the server through the network. Using this server, you can manage the work of clients, carry out diagnostics and configure terminals. Power for the thin client is allocated on the server.

As an operating system, you can choose Microsoft® Windows® or Linux to provide users with the necessary functionality and ease of operation.

1. Benefits of thin clients:

Reduced maintenance complexity. Thin client installation takes no more than 10 minutes - connecting I / O devices and establishing a connection with the server. The management of programs and files takes place on the server, as well as the configuration and management of clients. All this reduces the time and cost of maintenance by 80%.

Reducing the risk of equipment theft. Thin clients are fully protected and work only from the server, so it is impossible to use them for private purposes - theft is impractical.

Support for past-generation host computers. There is no need to buy modern equipment to ensure operability.

2. Thin Client Infrastructure Cost

As mentioned above, thin clients are much cheaper in terms of service. In addition, they are durable: there are no moving parts, the human factor is excluded, and so on.

3. The cost of such infrastructure is much cheaper:

Operating costs were reduced by 23%, maintenance costs - by 34%.

Capital costs are reduced by 25%.

The cost of annual maintenance is 80%.

At the same time, productivity increases by 25%.

Nexgen offers a comprehensive solution for implementing infrastructure based on thin client technologies. We take into account the tasks and requirements of the business and are ready to offer solutions both on the Microsoft platform and on the Unix-systems platform. You can choose your hardware from the HP thin client portfolio.