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Real Time Video Analytics

Video Analytics - A technology which automatically analyzes a video content in order to detect events and objects as the system is programmed to look for. This goes beyond simply setting up surveillance cameras but includes cutting-edge technology that can analyze what's being recorded through the CCTV.

Artificial Intelligence based video analytics solution

While deep learning is rapidly becoming the new star of video analytics actual commercial implementations only started to enter into the video surveillance market in the last two years. Significant number of new products launched on beta trials with some delivering exciting results.

Objective Based - Video Analytics Choices

Smart Attendance Monitoring System
Entrance Management Using Video Analytics
Loitering Detection
Missing Object Detection
Multi Camera Tracking
Non Man Zone Detection/Trespass

Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Analytics relies on the application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to quantify performance

Smart Attendance Monitoring System

  • It incorporates advanced Face Detection and Recognition techniques which will capably complement your existing attendance monitoring systems. All you need to have is pictures of your employees and you are all set to identify the defaulters!
  • Other Options
  • Can identify and count Zone wise
  • Can track the Flow of Activity of a particular employee/visitor
  • Can count inside employee/visitor count on real time
  • Crowed alerts
  • Black list or VIP identification

Entrance Management Using Video Analytics

  • The installation can be done in 2 ways
    • Angular for application like City Surveillance to cover wide area
    • Overhead for the installation like entry/exit point
  • Object Finding
  • Generating Reports/alarm based on Object carried by the employee/visitor
  • Object Flow Monitoring
  • Nature or behavior Monitoring

Loitering Detection

  • Detection of a person’s or vehicle’s persistence beyond a specified time (set by the user) in a monitored virtual area in the camera field of view.
  • People loitering in malls even after closing hours; people or vehicle having longer dwell time in restricted area; people persistence near critical assets.

Missing Object Detection

  • Detection of object(s) removed from the monitored zone in the camera view.

Multi Camera Tracking

  • Detects and tracks a specified person appearing with similar profile on multiple cameras in a network of cameras based on the object properties. It also shows a connection between the camera locations in a map.

Non Man Zone Detection/Trespass

  • Detection of a person or vehicle entering or exiting virtual area drawn by the user.
  • Intruder detection in restricted areas. Illegal entry into secured zones in Banks, Stores, Plants. Entry of person or vehicle into restricted area or exit from that.