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Business video calling

Are employees tired of constant business trips?

Inconvenient departure time, traffic jams on the way to the airport, queues, stuffiness in the aircraft cabin, again queues and again traffic jams on the way to the hotel.

The efficiency of the employee's work drops significantly; on the day of the flight, only the most persistent are able to work effectively for the good of the company. But if, to top it all off, the flight takes place between several time zones, then even the most persistent give up.

Solution: to drastically reduce the number of business trips while maintaining and increasing the previous efficiency!

Videoconferencing is a real alternative to business trips. Live contact, an excellent video component, coupled with the integration of other services (document cameras, presentation materials, additional sources for broadcasting presentations, etc.) allows you to solve workflows just as completely as with live contact. A video meeting is collected within minutes even if unscheduled in advance.

Videoconferencing in a business environment significantly speeds up the decision-making process, increases the convenience of employees, and radically reduces travel expenses. The payback period for investments in corporate video conferencing of companies with an extensive network of branches in practice does not exceed one year!

Corporate videoconferencing can be effectively used in the educational process. Providing numerous trainings for staff has become a typical practice of organizations. The more the organization is oriented towards the Western type of management, the more attention is paid to improving the qualifications of its employees.

In the case of recruiting new employees, organizations often resort to a system of transferring knowledge from more experienced employees to newcomers, because this method combines efficiency with low cost. But, as a rule, such trainings are arranged at the head office, business trips are organized for the regions, which is very costly.

And if you conduct a training in the central office in the format of a multipoint video conference?

The videoconferencing system in an organization allows not only to simplify the communication of its employees, to increase the speed of decision-making and to improve the interaction of the management staff, but also to organize effective training for employees of different branches.